Footwear Comparisons

Information regarding running shoes may be confusing, the purchaser can easily get confused by the biomechanical terminology and marketing jargon. The right shoe is a crucial part of injury prevention. Foot function is individual and so therefore the same shoe will vary greatly between people. We can help you to choose the right shoe [...]

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Top 5 Tips for Choosing Footwear

FIT - correct fitting is crucial correct length/ width and depth. SUITED TO YOUR ACTIVITY - walking, running, hiking will require different features. CORRECT LEVEL OF SUPPORT FOR YOU - to prevent injury and provide optimal biomechanical efficiency. COMFORT FACTOR - it it feels right it usually is. DON'T MAKE DRASTIC CHANGES - initiate [...]

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Podiatrist Profile

How would you describe your experience being part of the Peak Podiatry Team? I initially joined Peak at the beginning of 2015, working just one day per week. I soon discovered that I had joined a practice that was busy for many reasons. The calibre of podiatrists have a wide range of skills, and [...]

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March 2016

Welcome to "Peak Pages" from Peak Podiatry Subiaco. It's good to be back into the swing of things after a busy Christmas and New Year period. With autumn upon us and the 40 degree days supposedly disappearing, we are sure many of you will start to venture outdoors for more training. If you are looking [...]

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