The Selfie

South Korea and North Korea

South Korea and North Korea take Selfie.

The Fastest Man on Earth

Usain Bolt

Australian photographer takes best ever pis of the fastest man on earth Usain Bolt.

Women’s Rugby


First ever gold medal in Women’s Rugby 7s goes to Australia.

The Triplets


History made with first ever triplets in Marathon from Estonia.

First Ever Canoeing Medal


Brazil’s most inspiring athlete, scaled at 3, abducted and returned to mother after payment at 5yrs, fell out of a tree at 10 and lost a kidney and got a silver medal in Canoeing! First ever Canoeing medal.

World Champion Gymnast

Simon Biles

Simon Biles, 4 times world Champion gymnast- 4 time gold medalist – sent to a Foster family at 3 as mother was a drug addict. Paternal grandfather eventually adopted and only 19!.