Utilising numerous premium video software packages we are able to record and review high definition footage at various speeds and frame by frame. This allows careful and accurate assessment to assist with diagnosis along with patient education.

Objective comparisons may then be made following treatment interventions.

This will help with Plantarfasciitis, Heel Pain, Shin Pain, knee pain , running pains, Severs disease, flat feet.

Using side by side video allows accurate measurement and detailed assessment to compare various footwear models to determine the most effective foot function outcomes.

There are so many shoes on the market. We can objectively prescribe THE correct shoe for you.

We have extensive product knowledge of all shoes, regularly assisting brands with technical product development.

This will help with heel pain , Achilles tendon pain, Mortons neuroma , Bunions and toe pain.

Ever considered how much force you experience when landing on your feet, and what parts take the load?
This unique in shoe sensor technology forms part of PEAK’S exclusive Peak Pod Pro 3P ™ facility.

These actually measure direct foot and limb total force, Centre of Mass progression, ground contact time and symmetry.

Unlike other products where you walk on a platform, this measures inside your shoe doing your activities providing vital information not otherwise able to be seen.

This helps with stress fractures, ankle pain, shin pain , heel pain

For the effective treatment of chronic heel pain and lower limb tendinopathies. Originally used for treating kidney stones, ESWT has proven itself to be effective in the treatment of certain musculoskeletal conditions over the last 2 decades.

This is particularly favoured by active individuals as it is totally non-invasive and requires minimal or no down-time after treatment.

Prescribed shoe inserts to improve foot function.
This may include customised functional orthoses. These are the product of thorough individual assessment and digital 3D foot scan mapping, with an array of flexible and comfortable materials ensuring the highest standard of comfort and task specific function
Intoe (pigeon toe gait), double jointed and hypermobile children, laboured and “awkward” gait presentations.
Work provides a unique set of challenges such as workboots, steelcaps, working surfaces and workplace injuries. Peak works closely with industry workplace insurance companies and rehab providers to assess and treat along with return to work management.
Prevention is the best medicine. If you are starting training, increasing training or changing your training, a thorough screening is recommended.

Using validated test to assess joint movement, muscle strength, gait pattern and footwear, will provide your individual Swot analysis to ensure you stay on track, not on the sideline.