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RCT of 61 runners over 6 months

  • If weight >71kgs, risk of injury greater in minimalist than a maximalist running shoes.
  • If >85 kgs, then 3x more likely to get injury in minimalist shoes.
  • If less than 71kgs, no increased injury risk.


Footwear Comparisons

  • Information regarding running shoes may be confusing, the purchaser can easily get confused by the biomechanical terminology and marketing jargon.
  • The right shoe is a crucial part of injury prevention.
  • Foot function is individual and so therefore the same shoe will vary greatly between people.
  • We can help you to choose the right shoe for the way YOU run or move.
  • The video below demonstrates the same person in the same type of shoe but with very different results.


Top 5 Tips for Choosing Footwear

  1. FIT – correct fitting is crucial correct length/ width and depth.
  2. SUITED TO YOUR ACTIVITY – walking, running, hiking will require different features.
  3. CORRECT LEVEL OF SUPPORT FOR YOU – to prevent injury and provide optimal biomechanical efficiency.
  4. COMFORT FACTOR – it it feels right it usually is.
  5. DON’T MAKE DRASTIC CHANGES – initiate changes gradually.


Need Some Help?

  • Are you due to replace your shoes?
  • Are you thinking of trying a different shoe?
  • Are you injured or experiencing pain during activity?
  • We can provide a biomechanical and video gait analysis to help you make an informed decision about your footwear.


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Nat Medhurst back to back MVP for West Coast Fever 2016.

PEAK is a proud support of the State half Marathon and WA Marathon Club. Well done Thomas Bruins.

Dane Haylett- Petty winner of the Western Force Nathan Sharpe Medal 2016.


Podiatrist Profile

Paolo Ghiselli

How would you describe your experience being part of the Peak Podiatry Team?

I initially joined Peak at the beginning of 2015, working just one day per week. I soon discovered that I had joined a practice that was busy for many reasons. The calibre of podiatrists have a wide range of skills, and are happy to pass on that knowledge to each other, as well as their patients. The team is extremely supportive and great to work with. I have been extremely happy to have now commenced on a full time capacity.

What are you enjoying about Podiatry?

I have been practicing Podiatry for over 20 years now, so there are many reasons why I keep doing this. Every person is an individual and although some complaints may be the same, the reasons and causes are all different which keeps you thinking. The job is extremely rewarding in many aspects.

What are your outside interests?

I have enjoyed running for a number of years now, having taken part in both marathon and half marathon races. My time to train though is limited due to the time I spend with my two boys with their outside sports activities. Golf is another passion of mine, and once again I am looking forward to getting out regularly and playing more often.

Your favourite food?

To be honest, I have never been a fussy eater and can eat practically anything. I do though come from an Italian background , and I do seem to favour a good bowl of pasta and well made pizza.

Favourite holiday or dream destination?

I was born in South Africa and I know this sounds bias, but nothing beats the African bush. I will take a holiday there over any other destination and would continue to recommend it to anyone.

Favourite sports team/event?

I am a passionate Dockers supporter, and as a member I always enjoy attending the games with my family to watch the boys play. I look forward to the day when we win a premiership!!

I still do though enjoy my rugby……… is in my blood!!