Gait Analysis

Utilising numerous premium video software packages we are able to record and review high definition footage at various speeds and frame by frame. This allows careful and accurate assessment to assist with diagnosis along with patient education.

Objective comparisons may then be made following treatment interventions.

This will help with Plantarfasciitis, Heel Pain, Shin Pain, knee pain, running pains, Sever’s disease, flat feet.

Footwear Prescriptions

Using side by side video allows accurate measurement and detailed assessment to compare various footwear models to determine the most effective foot function outcomes. There are so many shoes on the market. We can objectively prescribe THE correct shoe for you.

We have extensive product knowledge of all shoes, regularly assisting brands with technical product development.

This will help with heel pain, Achilles tendon pain, Mortons neuroma, Bunions and toe pain.

Pressure Analysis

Ever considered how much force you experience when landing on your feet, and what parts take the load?
This unique in shoe sensor technology forms part of PEAK’S exclusive Peak Pod Pro 3P ™ facility. These actually measure direct foot and limb total force, Centre of Mass progression, ground contact time and symmetry. Unlike other products where you walk on a platform, this measures inside your shoe doing your activities providing vital information not otherwise able to be seen.

This helps with stress fractures, ankle pain, shin pain, heel pain.

Shoes for Sore Feet

From Mums and Dads who walk, to children who play football, soccer and netball. Elite to amateur runners, athletes and professionals

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Orthotic Therapy

Prescribed shoe inserts to improve foot function.
This may include customised functional orthoses. These are the product of thorough individual assessment and digital 3D foot scan mapping,

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Shockwave Therapy

For the effective treatment of chronic heel pain and lower limb tendinopathies. Originally used for treating kidney stones, ESWT has proven itself to be effective in the treatment of certain musculoskeletal conditions over the last 2 decades.

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Children’s Feet

Intoe (pigeon toe gait), double jointed and hypermobile children, laboured and “awkward” gait presentations.

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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetics are at greater risk of developing foot complications due to possible reduced blood supply to your feet.

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Sports Injuries

Our experience working with elite sports medicine teams means we can provide the same advise and treatment to you.

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Biomechanical Assessment

Assessment of muscle and joint range of motion and strength. This provides the basis for treatment plans and direction to address causal factors to injury and performance.

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Shoes for Sporty Feet

There are some many shoes on the market it gets confusing. Let us help you with our extensive footwear knowledge and wide network. We can identify the perfect shoe for you.

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Athletic Screening

Prevention is the best medicine. If you are starting training, increasing training or changing your training, a thorough screening is recommended.

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Ask An Expert

Falls risk / Assessments

Feeling unsteady or concerned you may fall? Your feet, footwear, gait and balance may be putting you at risk.

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General Foot Care

We regularly service and maintain our cars, so why would you not service your feet? Did you know most people walk the equivalent to Sydney and back every month! We can take care of all skin and nail problems to keep you on your feet.

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Rough Tough or Sore Feet

Callous and corns are very common when your feet are exposed to high amounts of pressure.

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Pregnant Feet

Feet hurt and change with the rest of the body during pregnancy. Let us help make a special time for you comfortable.

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Cycling Shoe Set Up

Shoe / pedal and cleat assessment and setup. Numb and burning feet, aching and painful knees can be eased.

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Work Injuries

Work provides a unique set of challenges such as workboots, steelcaps, working surfaces and workplace injuries. Peak works closely with industry workplace insurance companies and rehab providers to assess and treat along with return to work management.

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Foot Mobilisation

Over time, or as a result of an injury, many joints become less mobile and develop stiffness in their range.

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique where very fine needles are applied to muscles to provide relaxation and comfort to the area.

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We work as a single team with industry leading clinicians around the world to give our patients the highest specialist quality advise and treatment possible.