206, 2020

Lacing Techniques

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Did you know that there are several different shoelace techniques appropriate for each foot type? As Podiatrists, we are aware that feet are as unique as the patients we see. Below is a lacing chart showing several ways in which your laces can help your shoes better accommodate your foot type.

2403, 2020

Peak Podiatry E-Consultation

By |March 24th, 2020|Categories: Peak Podiatry News|0 Comments

We understand for some people, the safest place is to self-isolate. And as part of continuing our service you, expanding our E- Consult / Telehealth allows us to provide consultations, assessment, treatment direction and management plans to all patients using readily available technology in the comfort of your home or hand.

303, 2020


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Paediatric Podiatry has come a long way in the last decade. Not only do we have better parameters to identify "red flags' early but just as important is that we can also identify what is classified as 'normal ranges" for children. This enables us to also ease the minds of concerned parents.

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