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Top Five Tips – Triathlon

Select the right shoe for the job. A lightweight 5km shoe designed for short distances is fine for short distance, but possibly won’t do the ideal job for 21kms. If you don't normally use or train with elastic laces, then don't try them for the first time on race day. Don't change or get new [...]

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Orthotic Repress? Use it or Lose it.

We often get asked the questions in clinic; "Can I have another set of orthotics?" or "Can we remake these same orthotics?"....the answer is YES! It is quite often the case that the specifications of the original orthotic remain the same but the orthotic itself is worn out or has compressed. In these instances we [...]

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Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are basically an over-stretch of the ligaments that hold the ankle in place. In around 80% of ankle sprains, the excessive movements are a combination of the foot 1) pointing downwards and 2) then twisting inwards (ouch!). The severity of the sprain is best described as follows: Grade I Sprain - Stretching of [...]

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