Blisters can affect our school children to our elite athletes and everyone in between. Our Podiatrists not only focus on the immediate treatment of the blisters using sterile techniques, but also investigate the underlying causes, and therefore can advise on possible preventative measures.

Depending on the stage the blister is in, there are different treatments ranging from:

  • Sock and shoe fitting and suitability,
  • Lubricants and ENGO patches to reduce friction,
  • Powders to reduce moisture,
  • Protective taping,
  • Deflective padding to offload pressure, and
  • Orthotics to modify foot function to reduce repetitive pressure on high loaded foot structures during gait

Don’t suffer in silence! Get your blisters sorted this season.

If you have any concerns for yourself, or for your children – we encourage you to book for a consultation to discuss your concerns further with our podiatrists.