This year, we celebrated our 25th Birthday. 25 years young in 2020. Can you believe it. We certainly can’t. The year of 2020 is what is now Peak Podiatry’s 25th birthday.

Back in the mid 90’s an eager, excited and fresh faced (with dark hair ?) young fella kicked off Perry Lakes Sports Podiatry, later to become Peak Podiatry. Humble beginnings and only further fuelled passion and drive for what I loved doing.

For the entire year, every Friday, we reflected and celebrated our 25-year journey. We shared the laughs, the highs, the lows, and everything in between with you.

It is a story our team are very proud of, and one that we are so very, very grateful for. For without the ongoing support of our amazing network and patients, this story would not be what it is.

To all involved THANK YOU for your ongoing support of Peak. For being such an important part of our story.

We have happily put together a slide show of our throwback photos from our 25 years. Please feel free to watch the video on our YouTube channel (below) or scroll through our photos on our Facebook Page.