We understand for some people, the safest place is to self-isolate.

And as part of continuing our service you, expanding our E- Consult / Telehealth allows us to provide consultations, assessment, treatment direction and management plans to all patients using readily available technology in the comfort of your home or hand.

This service is very familiar to the Peak team. As an industry leader we have been using online consultation services for several years. We have refined systems, required online resources, and experience to enable us to deliver a comprehensive and excellent service for you through this online forum.

We are also extending discounts on E-Consult / Telehealth consultations to assist our patients.

What is an E-Consultation?

The E-consultation will run like a normal in-clinic consult, just online.  We will connect via an agreed online platform and confirm what type of online appointment you are having so we can set up the technology. We are currently offering FaceTime and Whatsapp. We are also happy to work with whatever interface you are comfortable with. Let us know.

We will conduct an assessment initially to find out more information about your issue. We may then assess you with some functional tests. Be prepared to move as we talk and show you through some positions/movements/postures/tasks which will guide us to an accurate diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis is made by your Podiatrist, we will be able to provide you with the following:

  • Education regarding the injury (including its cause and solution)
  • Expectations and prognosis for recovery/rehabilitation
  • Treatment Plan
  • Goals and timeframes for results

Who is an E-Consultation for?

All new and existing patients are welcome to book in for our new service. E-Consultations are great for patients who are not able to get into the clinic for an appointment with one of our podiatrists. Whether this is due to distance and travel plans, or particularly at this current time due to any sicknesses, and isolation requirements. We appreciate our patients that are choosing to keep away from others due to any COVID-19 symptoms, or exposure.

How do I book an appointment?

Booking an E-Consultation is easy. You can book in to see your podiatrist via phone, email, or our online booking system. When booking online, please note that you require an online consult – we always send a follow up text to all online bookings to be sure we have you booked in for the correct consult. We will require you to let us know that you would like an E-Consultation, so that we have enough time to send you through the E-Consultation Patient Information, and to set up the technology.

How will I be billed?

You will be charged a set price. Please find below the fee schedule (as of 23.3.2020) for the E-Consultations.

Initial E-Consultation (40 Minute) $80.00

Standard E-Consultation (30 Minutes) $60.00

Reception will be in touch with you 5 minutes prior to your appointment. We ask that you prepay your appointment via credit card. You will be issued an invoice via email.

Have any questions?

If this is new for you, we know that a new service can be uncertain. We are more than happy to help you with any questions that you may have regarding the E-Consultations, or the services that we continue to provide to the public.

We understand what it is like to be in pain, uncomfortable, limited, or even just concerned. We get it! You just want to do the things you love and the things you need to – the best you can. You just want to be at your peak, and we can help you get there.

Peak Team

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Email: admin@peakpodiatry.com.au