Do you have lateral foot pain (outer side of your foot) that either aches or feels like the pain moves around? Sometimes even feels slightly locked up?
The Cuboid is an important bone in the lateral arch of the foot that can subtly ‘sublux’ when enough force is applied by a tendon that travels over it called the Peroneus Longus. This can occur as a one off “incident”, like a slight sprain of the ankle, or over a period of time due tightening of the Peroneus Longus caused by overuse. While cuboid syndrome is relatively common it is hard to identify so is commonly misdiagnosed. It presents with vague and varied symptoms, plus it is not diagnosed on radiograph in the early stages.

Cuboid Syndrome

It is important to get it treated early so as to “reposition” the cuboid back into its original place. There can be long term effects on the calcaneocuboid joint and surrounding structures if left in a ‘subluxed’ positon for too long.

Biomechanics can play a large part in the foot type that sustains this injury so it is important to always have it assessed by a Podiatrist. Treatment involves mobilisation of the foot to re-position the cuboid back into place. This is complimented with taping, Peroneal massage and sometimes orthotic therapy if a biomechanical abnormality is identified as the cause.