1. They can be soft
  2. Not all flat feet need orthotics
  3. They can be adjusted
  4. They don’t have to go in every shoe
  5. There are different types for different shoes

Orthotics are an external arch support that is placed in the shoe to control foot and lower limb function. It is commonly misunderstood that orthotics only come in a rigid form.
Orthotics can actually come in a variety of shapes, styles and materials to suit your foot. They can be custom made and fitted to suit an individuals, foot function, footwear type, body weight, sport preference, activity levels and comfort.
A range of soft and rigid materials for both the orthotic shell and the covers can be prescribed to suit patient’s needs.
Consideration of comfort is the most important factor because if the device is not comfortable a patient won’t wear them.
Longevity and ability to fit into shoes is also very high on the list of considerations. Modifications can be made to ensure footwear fitting is achieved.