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Well it’s supposed to be winter!

The recent weeks and months of sunshine have made for some wonderful days for lots of activity outdoors. We hope you’ve all be putting your best forward with any events you may have been doing, or even just enjoying a leisurely walk. Winter can often be a time when the cold and dark can force us to retreat indoors or stop the regular exercise we may normally do.

As the saying goes, you need to use it or lose you’ll lose it.

For so many reasons it’s important to keep up with consistent activity that you may normally do. Often a break in activity and then a reintroduction can coincide with pain and injury. Regular and gentle activity, or even just doing your rehab exercises can make the world of difference.

Inside this newsletter is some great info on lacing techniques for narrow and wide feet and solutions to shoes that feel to big, too tight or too loose.

This is important if your big toe joint is going sideways. Speaking of sideways, we have a look at that very discussion about conservative management of bunions. We are also super excited to launch our new website which we are very proud of.

We also put our getaway reporter/ podiatrist Jules under the microscope.

Keep stretching, moving, walking, talking, loving an laughing. Your body and mind will love you for it! Enjoy.

Tip and tricks

Bunions – Hallux Valgus (May 2017)

Are you wondering if there is anything that can be done for a bunion other than surgery?

There are actually a few different treatments available depending on the stage of development, if you’re getting pain, where you’re getting pain and your gait function. Read more.


Lacing techniques (June-2017)

Lacing your shoes – There’s more to it than you may think.

We all have feet with different sizes, lumps, bumps, thick bits and skinny bits. So when you’re trying to get your shoes to fit super comfy, or looking to solve a problem, consider these three lacing technique tips below Read more.



Exciting news : Website Launch
We are very pleased to launch our new website. We hope you think its as super as we do. www.peakpodiatry.com.au

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  • • Lots of self help info
  • • Videos on taping exercises and more
  • • Online bookings for you convenience,

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For everything feet, footwear, legs and more. Check it out.

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Peak Performance – Out and About

WA Sports Physiotherapy Association – Plantar fasciitis update

Physio Education presentation

Perth Running Club footwear night with Athletes Foot Claremont


Juliet Mollica

What got you interested in Podiatry?

2 reasons really, Firstly my awareness of the profession came quite young when I went to my Sports Podiatrist at Olympic Park Sports Medicine in Melbourne for injury management as a young tennis player with hypermobile pronating feet.

Secondly my Careers Councillor at school advised me it was a good career option for women in the Sports medicine area long term for practical reasons, like travel opportunities (I worked in the UK) and career longevity because the physically of other health professions like Physio, OT, Osteopathy could be quite demanding on your own body.

How would you describe your time at PEAK

I have had the fortune of working at Peak for almost 9 years now. I have always worked part time here as I have two young boys but I really enjoy coming to work. In my 20 years in practice I worked in various types of clinics in Melbourne and London. I have worked in practises that are surgery based, some physio driven and other sole Podiatry Practises. None of them achieved the level of quality of facilities and services provided that Peak does as well as the dynamic clientele and biomechanical cases we get.

Interests outside of podiatry

I love to travel! My husband and I have been blessed to see so many wonderful places in the world and are always eager to see and learn more. I love being a mum of two very energetic and affectionate boys. The whole family love sports, soccer, rugby, football, you name it, they play it and we support it! My weekly routine always has to include a spin class and a run at least.

Favourite food

French…..anything with Duck in it!

Favoutire quote

“Live each day like it is your last”

Favourite sports team

I enjoy all sports but don’t really follow a team as such, other than the Wallabies. Having played a lot of tennis as a junior I always like to see Rafa Nadal do well. He is the best example of good sportsmanship.

My favourite sporting moment however was watching Real Madrid verses Althletico Madrid play in their home Darby in Madrid Spain to 90,000 screaming Spaniards! It was a spine tingling atmosphere and memory I will always cherish.