Lacing your shoes – There’s more to it than you may think.

We all have feet with different sizes, lumps , bumps, thick bits and skinny bits. So when you’re trying to get your shoes to fit super comfy, or looking to solve a problem, consider these three lacing technique tips below.

Loop lock lacing technique.

This is useful for those with

  • A narrow heel or are experiencing shoes slipping at the back of the heel.
  • This is particularly useful for shoe that have a low heel counter (i.e. shallow depth) or when you may have introduced an inserts / orthotic into the shoes.

Step 1: At the last to eyelets closest to the ankle, continue the lace to the next eyelet on the same side to create a loop.

Step 2: Pass the lace through the loop on the opposite side and tension. Then tie up as per normal


Wide foot, shoes too tight or sore on top of foot
To deflect the lacing so it doesn’t cross the top of your foot and create painful compression pressure. This also allows the shoe to be wider and less constrictive around the midfoot.

see image below


Bunions, forefoot pain and nerve impingement at the forefoot
Remove the lace from the last eyelet to ensure no lateral compression of the forefoot. This small change can have a big difference.

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