Are you wondering if there is anything that can be done for a bunion other than surgery?

There are actually a few different treatments available depending on the stage of development, if you’re getting pain, where you’re getting pain and your gait function.

If you have had a bunion since you were a child then orthotics may or may not be an option for you but in adulthood controlling the function of the Abductor and Adductor Hallucis muscles that move your big toe can delay the development of the bunion substantially. Orthotics are very effective in these cases.

Strapping techniques and toe separators improve the alignment of the joint in the shoe. These can be very helpful in reducing footwear irritation and therefore inflammation or joint pain.

Exercises to strengthen the correct muscles can help restore improved function to the toe and foot itself.

Good footwear choices are essential to increasing comfortable but also in preventing it getting worse. Footwear is one of the main contributing factors other than genetic predisposition to making bunions grow faster!

Changing lacing positon is very effective in reducing forefoot pressure for both bunions and other forefoot pathology. See link.

Night Splints are a great way to help with stretching the Adductor Hallucis muscle which is tighter in a foot that is pronating a lot or has excessive forefoot load. Thi tighter muscle exaggerates the deviation of the big toe.

There are also other treatments available for pain and injury depending on the diagnosis. Therefore it is important that you see a Podiatrist at Peak to undertake a detailed assessment provide the best options for you.

How’s your big toe looking? Let’s get you better.