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Well here we are in April already. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Summer sports have been done and won and football , netball and soccer are back to name a few.

Busselton Half ironman is not too far away as everyone gets to the pointy end of training. This is a particularly important time to focus on recovery, listen to your body and stick to the plan. Doing things differently, too much or a significant change often results in problems.

There’s been lots going on at Peak. In this edition we celebrate the Wildcats amazing NBL win, Jules has been busy at the Rugby 10’s in Brisbane and Paolo’s been solving runners problems at the WA marathon club running symposium.

There’s a great video for all the mums and Dads who have kids between ages of 5 – 12 years of age which is a must watch – “Top 3 tips for kids” from Danica and Sarah. And we’d also like to introduce our newest team Member, Podiatrist, Hassan Karim.

Stay tuned in the coming month as we launch our new website which will be packed with a heap of great information, education sheets and videos to make life easy and convenient for you. This will also see the introduction of our new easy online booking system. More to follow on this.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this edition of Peak Pages and remember – happy feet make happy people

Latest News

We are pleased to say our PEAK home has a fresh new look along with some nifty new technology!

Podiatry Tips

Three tips for kid’s feet

Some great tips from our Pods Danica and Sarah in the following video.

Metatarsal Stress Fractures


Got them or had them?

Ever considered how much force you experience when landing on your feet, and WHAT takes the load?

This unique in shoe sensor technology forms part of PEAK’s exclusive Peak Pod Pro 3P™ facility.

These actually measure direct foot and limb total force, Centre of Mass progression, ground contact time and symmetry.

Unlike other products where you walk on a platform, this measures inside your shoe against your foot doing your activities, providing vital information not otherwise able to be seen.

This helps with stress fractures, ankle pain, shin pain and heel pain.

Peak Performance – Out and About


It was a real privilege to be invited to the 2017 Perth Wildcats MVP Night. It really was a marvelous night at the Crown Towers and a great feeling to share the celebrations with the Championship team.

Juliet had an amazing experience at the Brisbane Global Rugby 10s…clearly!

Paolo giving another solid presentation

He was very happy to have been part of the 2nd Asics Perth Running Seminar. Big thanks to Front Runner Sports and West Australian Marathon Club for hosting this great event.

Pod Profile

Hassan Karim

The question every patient loves to ask. Why feet…why Podiatry?

I’ve always known I would be involved in the heath field in some capacity. After four years of an extended Biomedical Science degree majoring in Physiology, Genetics and Biochemistry I was even more sure that my heart lies in a more clinical setting where I can interact with patients on a daily basis. I had the privilege of being accepted into different post-graduate health disciplines and it was a matter of personal preference. After doing some research I read that Podiatry is “the best hidden secret in Medicine”…so I decided to take the plunge feet first and accepted the offer for Podiatric Medicine at UWA.

How would you describe your experience being part of the Peak Podiatry Team?

It’s exactly what I hoped for in a progressive job. We see such a great patient base and an excellent mix of cases. I feel like we always have to stay sharp and up to date with the latest research. I love that!

Add to that the team is extremely pleasant and easy to get along with. Everyone is happy to share their knowledge and that makes us all better in the end.

Interests Outside of Podiatry?

Without a doubt my biggest interest is soccer. Have been playing since I could remember and I always feel at home on a soccer pitch. I’ve played State League in WA for many years and feel very proud of that. I used to also sketch quite a lot, but admittedly that has died off with time.

Favourite Food?

Don’t really have a favourite, love a bit of everything.

Favourite Quote?

“A hopeless person sees difficulty in every chance, but a hopeful person sees chance in every difficulty”

– Imam Ali

Favourite Sports Team?

I have been supporting Real Madrid ever since I can remember, thoroughly enjoy watching any of their games. In fact attending a home game at the Santiago Bernabeu is something I’ve always wanted to do, and hopefully will get the chance to do so.

I do follow the AFL as well actually and I barrack for the Freo. It has been really enjoyable to watch them grow from a new team to a well-established team. The long awaited premiership is coming soon I hope!