Perth’s Premier Sports + Family Podiatry Clinic
Its been another great year for Team Peak. We continue our work with Perth’s leading Sporting teams and the leading sports medicine minds in the country. We have recently completed a mini makeover of the clinic which looks amazing and continue to invest in new technology to ensure we continue to be industry leaders and Perths Premier Sports and Family Podiatry Practice.
Most importantly we would like to take the opportunity to wish all of our Peak Family, that being you, our valued patients, colleagues and referrers a very Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New year.
A sincere thank you from all of us to you for your ongoing support!

Christmas Hours

Peak Podiatry will be closed for Christmas from Saturday the 24th of December and reopening on Tuesday the 3rd of January.


Looking forward to stamping out more painful plantar fasciitis and improving wobbly knees again in 2017.

Did you know if you have private health fund coverage for orthotics, they will cover you for one pair of orthotics per calendar year. With the end of the year fast approaching now might be the time to take advantage of those rebates and get a new set of orthotics made. Got orthotics for your running shoes? – did you know we can also make different orthotics for dress shoes and other shoe types using your same casts/moulds? Please check with your health fund to see your level of coverage.

Paolo’s top 3 PEAK tips for summer
  • Don’t forget to cream up, and not just the nose! The tops of your feet are a common place for painful sunburn and unfortunately a common site for melanoma.
  • Beach time = barefoot. No problem. Its great to go barefoot, but don’t get carried away. Being on holidays the temptation is long runs on the beach , soft sand and hours on end in the thongs. Unfortunately this can see arches and heels be another form of hangover from the festive season.If you don’t normally run barefoot, run with your shoes. Take smaller or more frequent walks / runs barefoot rather than long distances that you’re not used to. And get your special other to give your foot a rub to loosen it off (or you may need to do it yourself).
  • Be safe! Look after yourself and others. Be it in the car, on the bike, at the beach or on a boat. We want to see everyone back for 2017.

Stuck with ideas of what you can give your partner or a friend for Christmas? At Peak, you can purchase a gift voucher for anyone requiring podiatry assistance of any sort. All you have to do is phone the rooms and we will have this organized for you.

Get a little sore barefoot? Need a little support around the house?

These great contoured thongs will make life easier on hot days.

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Peak Podiatry Breakfast 2016

Spectacular morning for the Peak Podiatry breakfast 2016. A BIG thank you to our superstar guest speaker Damian Martin and to our always amazing MC Simon Beaumont. Thank you to all our referrers who took time out of their busy schedules to attend. Thank you also for your continued support and ongoing trust you place in us managing your patients and clients. We hope you all have a wonderful and safe festive season.