Don’t forget to cream up, and not just the nose! The tops of your feet are a common place for painful sunburn and unfortunately a common site for melanoma.

Beach time = barefoot. No problem. Its great to go barefoot, but don’t get carried away. Being on holidays the temptation is long runs on the beach , soft sand and hours on end in the thongs. Unfortunately this can see arches and heels be another form of hangover from the festive season.

If you don’t normally run barefoot, run with your shoes. Take smaller or more frequent walks / runs barefoot rather than long distances that you’re not used to. And get your special other to give your foot a rub to loosen it off (or you may need to do it yourself).

Be safe! Look after yourself and others. Be it in the car, on the bike, at the beach or on a boat. We want to see everyone back for 2017.