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  • Football Boots
  • Upgrades at PEAK
  • Athlete Profile – Our own Danica Snashall

Football Boots.

Winter sports are in full swing with players of all ages a few weeks into the Aussie rules and soccer season.
So whats the best boot for you?

Well here is PEAKS top 4 boots for consideration in no particular order:

ASICS TIGREOR 7 – This boot continues to serve those with foot and leg symptoms well. A slick performance football boot design, quality kangaroo leather, stable rearfoot and the traditional 10mm heel pitch which has made this boot unique. We’e found this heel pitch useful for our patients with Achilles, shin and calve symptoms. Also very beneficial for our junior stars with heel / Severs symptoms.

ASICS LETHAL ULTIMATE IGS 10 – Another update of the famous lethal family. For a preseason boot and those that require a more ‘runner” style of boot, this ticks the box. The cleat position is very useful for forefoot / sesamoid pain and is very accommodating to insole / orthotic devices.

NIKE TIEMPO This a personal favourite for those fans of the swish. The Tiempo accommodates the broad forefoot along with orthotic devices extremely well, providing a deep and well fitting heel counter. This light and agile boot is often a go to boot for our patients.

ADIDAS PREDATOR This boot is slick. For those who like feeling the ground under their foot. It’s a favorite with our soccer and footy players alike. A light weight performance boot that has considerations to torsional stability and midfoot influence.

So if your having trouble with your boots, looking for a better boot, or carrying oranges because your legs wont carry you, let us help.


Upgrades at PEAK.

Its been a busy few months with both hardware and software upgrades throughout the clinic to ensure optimal ease and efficiency for our patients, along with rapid, comprehensive and cohesive feedback and communications with our valued multidisciplinary health care providers.
If you wish to know more about our electronic e-services and how this can best integrate with your personal and/or clinic needs please speak to one of our friendly staff.




Athlete Profile

This month is our very own Danica Snashall who successfully completed the Kokoda Track, celebrating a very special journey by being in PNG for Anzac Day.

Best Moment of trip?
Seeing the finishing arches after the last hill on the last day. It was very emotional. Also the dawn service.

Worst day on the trip?
Day 5. It started with a steep downhill for one and half hours. When I reached the bottom my knees were double the size and in a lot of pain. I looked across the river crossing and we had a steep 2 hour climb ahead of us. A small tantrum was thrown!

Best part of each day?
Coming into camp to a massive pot of hot, salty popcorn.

Worst part of each day?
About mid-morning seemed to be a time that you would hit a wall. You had been trekking for approximately 4 hours already and knew you hadn’t yet reached half way for the day.

Things missed most from home?
A toilet to sit on that also flushed! hot shower, my pantry full of food, dry clothes and bed, shower gel, hairdryer.

Would you do it again?
Yes, definitely, although a different challenge would be nice, something like trekking Nepal or Mount Kilimanjaro.

Well done Danica. We’re very proud of you.

As always we are grateful for any feedback and only too happy to answer any queries. Please contact us by clicking here.

Happy running and walking from Team PEAK.