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How would you describe your experience being part of the Peak Podiatry Team? I initially joined Peak at the beginning of 2015, working just one day per week. I soon discovered that I had joined a practice that was busy for many reasons. The calibre of podiatrists have a wide range of skills, and [...]

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March 2016

Welcome to "Peak Pages" from Peak Podiatry Subiaco. It's good to be back into the swing of things after a busy Christmas and New Year period. With autumn upon us and the 40 degree days supposedly disappearing, we are sure many of you will start to venture outdoors for more training. If you are looking [...]

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December 2015

"Wishing you a very Merry Christmas" 2015 has been another busy and fulfilling year for us at Peak Podiatry. We are very grateful for your ongoing support and we thank you for the trust you place in us. From everyone at Peak Podiatry we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New [...]

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October 2015

Welcome to "Peak Pages" from Peak Podiatry Subiaco. Well Spring has certainly sprung and here at Peak Podiatry it’s not just the flowers that are coming into full bloom. We have had a lot of Triathletes and Trail runners through the clinic gearing up for a good season. It's been a busy time for Peak, [...]

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July 2015

Welcome to "Peak Pages" from Peak Podiatry Subiaco. We are now half way through 2015! Where has this year gone? As we enter July there is only a matter of weeks until Perths iconic "City to Surf". With many races and fun runs scheduled over the upcoming months we are sure many people have started [...]

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February 2015

Where did 2014 go? Whilst having just got through a busy, social and fun time of year, it's also a chance to chance to pause and reflect on 2014. Need some help to get back on your feet for 2015? 2014 will be remembered as another enjoyable, busy and productive year for us at PEAK [...]

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Merry Christmas and Thank you

Where did 2014 go? We continue to grow and re-invest in the services we are able to provide our patients to ensure PEAK is an industry leading facility for Podiatry assessment and treatment. We are very grateful to all of you for your ongoing support and assistance and thank you for your trust in us [...]

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Peak Pages September 2014

Welcome to "Peak Pages" from Peak Podiatry Subiaco. As we enter spring it's getting a little easier to get up in the morning and get out exercising. Well done to all that ran in the recent City to Surf, along with other fun run events such the "Run for Gold" and "Perth Half Marathon" which [...]

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